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Resource Directory

Resource Directory

This Resource Directory is intended to connect you to non-profit services or organizations that provide resources for girls, women and families in the areas of education, jobs, health, aging, finances, children and more. This list does not cover all resources but hopefully guides you and provides you with the right information to help you find what you need.  To view our Resource Directory criteria, click here.

Resource Categories
The resource categories listed below are the topic areas this section covers. Use your mouse to scroll over a desired category, and then choose your desired sub category by clicking your mouse to view all available resources for that respective sub category.

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Reference and links to resources in this guide are for informational purposes only and constitute neither an endorsement nor a recommendation and are not intended to suggest any affiliation between these entities and Women 4 Women, Inc. The reliability, availability, and other aspects of resources in this guide are beyond the control of Women 4 Women, Inc. and no representations are made with respect thereto.

We also encourage you to call 211 if you would like to speak to someone in person. The 211 service connects people to professionals trained in navigating the confusing maze of health and human services. These services address diverse needs such as childcare, domestic violence, emergency shelter, clothing, healthcare, legal aid, substance abuse treatment, support groups, senior care, and transportation.

Call 911 for emergency and crisis situations.

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